A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You need to shoot down the balloons to get food.
Your health is reducing, so you need to pick up the food to increase the health.

-Banana = Health +2
-Cherry = Health +2
-Grapes = Health +2
-Lemon = Health -5
-Nut = Health +10
-Gold Nut = Health +20

If a balloon which contains food hits the ground, you will lose -10 health.

You get 2 extra arrows if the balloon contains food.
If you lose all the arrows, then the game is over.

Restart = R

It's a bug when the game is over and you press space to restart, the Squirrel will not rotate back, so you have to press "R" to restart the game.


Pop Balloons Mac.app.zip 19 MB
Pop Balloons Web.zip 10 MB
Pop Balloons Windows.zip 14 MB